Methacrylic Anhydride

Molecular formula: C8H10O3
Molecular weight: 154.1632
Properties: Colorless and transparent liquid, stable under normal temperature and pressure, density 1.035g/cm3.
Usage: Used for the synthesis of light-curing coatings, cross-linked resins and other materials, and can also be used as raw materials for the synthesis of special fine chemicals.
Product execution standards: Enterprise standards
Packaging: Plastic-lined iron drum, net weight 50KG/barrel, 200KG/barrel.



Methacrylic Anhydride

Methacrylic Anhydride

Molecular Structure:

Molecular formula:C8H10O3

Molecular weight:154.1632 

CAS NO:760 -93-0

EINECS NO:212-084-8

Property:Colorless transparent liquid, stable at room temperature and normal pressure, density 1.035 (20℃), boiling point 87℃(13mmHg), refractive index 1.453, flash point 184℃. 

Uses:this product can be used in the synthesis of photocureable coating, cross-linking resin and other materials, and it can be used as raw material in the synthesis of special fine chemicals. 

Product quality standards: corporate standards


Index name


Appearance Colorless transparent liquid

Content  % ≥


Methacrylic acid % ≤


Standard stability ≤



Storage method:Keep at room temperature, away from light, in a ventilated and dry place.
Package:Lined with plastic iron barrel, net weight 50KG/barrel, 200KG/barrel.
Dangerous markxh
Danger signR20 R41 R37/38
Safety signS26 S39
Carriage number of dangerous goodsUN2927

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